Sunday, April 18, 2010

Assignment #10 Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for putting this together for us to do. I know it took a lot of effort on your part, and yes…it took a lot of effort on our part as well. This really was an excellent assignment.

In my opinion, this activity was well worth the effort. I have learned a great deal about 2.0 Technology and yet I know it is just the tip of the iceberg—even though I have been accessing the internet for years.
I am reminded of what my older brother told me years ago when I was debating as to whether I wanted to spend the money on a newer , better computer and to pay for internet access each month; I had been using the public and/or academic library computers for my internet access.
My brother said, “Sis, if you don’t have internet access in your home to use all the time, you will be left behind in this world. You need access all the time and anytime.” Yes, just a couple of simple statements that I really took to heart and I am so glad I did. Our world has changed dramatically from the time of my birth and will continue to change dramatically throughout my life. I can only imagine what my two great-nephews will be experiencing when they are my age; they are now 2 ½ and 18 months.

What is difficult is that once you learn one technology skill and feel like you are totally in the know…it changes and something new/better replaces it. Case in point: Social Bookmarking. We (and I do mean all of us collectively not just librarians) will need to continually learn and re-learn in order to survive and function successfully in this world.

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed the journey. But I hope, after all is said and done, that the learning part will have been the best part of all. The constant yearn to keep wanting to learn new things and never wanting to just settle for what we have now is what makes us so special. And for what it's worth, spend the money....get a super-fast home PC or MAC and learn and have fun at the same time!!!