Sunday, April 18, 2010

Assignment #10 Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for putting this together for us to do. I know it took a lot of effort on your part, and yes…it took a lot of effort on our part as well. This really was an excellent assignment.

In my opinion, this activity was well worth the effort. I have learned a great deal about 2.0 Technology and yet I know it is just the tip of the iceberg—even though I have been accessing the internet for years.
I am reminded of what my older brother told me years ago when I was debating as to whether I wanted to spend the money on a newer , better computer and to pay for internet access each month; I had been using the public and/or academic library computers for my internet access.
My brother said, “Sis, if you don’t have internet access in your home to use all the time, you will be left behind in this world. You need access all the time and anytime.” Yes, just a couple of simple statements that I really took to heart and I am so glad I did. Our world has changed dramatically from the time of my birth and will continue to change dramatically throughout my life. I can only imagine what my two great-nephews will be experiencing when they are my age; they are now 2 ½ and 18 months.

What is difficult is that once you learn one technology skill and feel like you are totally in the know…it changes and something new/better replaces it. Case in point: Social Bookmarking. We (and I do mean all of us collectively not just librarians) will need to continually learn and re-learn in order to survive and function successfully in this world.

Assignment #9 Podcasts, Videos, Audio DL

Never thought discovering all the pups on You Tube could be so much fun; took me a long time to decide which ones to post. Can you guess what all three videos have in common! Doxies!!!! :-)
You Tube is great--for all ages.

Podcasting is a whole inservice in itself. This deserves much more time than I have right now to give it. Creating small podcasts could be a way to give students mini library lessons when coming as a class, or letting kids know what homework assignments they missed. Many uses.
One site I found and really liked is...
115 Teaching Episodes....FREE!

Joined and now have a membership to NetLibrary.
Liked viewing (through Bell): Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Spanish and The Scarlet Letter (which took me back to my late High School years and early College days). I will use this membership.

Assignment #8 Online Apps and Tools

Zoho Acct:
Used Zoho word processing to write a short summary about Precious; saved under name of Precious. Software was easily used, just as any other word processing document.

Google Docs:
Templates liked:
Simple Legal Will
Last Will and Testament
Texas Living Will

Question: Will these templates (filled-out) stand up in court?

Assignment #7 WIKIS

Signed up for a WIKI account.
Added Entries to: Favorite Animal; Favorite Vacation Spot; Favorite Book

WIKIS are a lot of fun. Wikipedia is a cool site to introduce to kids. Just make sure they understand the concept of a WIKI.
*Interesting assignment would be to have kids compare/contrast Wikipedia to WorldBook.

Continous Improvement: Library Mission; could open a WIKI for generated responses from kids. Wonder how that would go? It's an idea.

Assignment #6 Social Bookmarking

Just love it! Absolutely love it! I have used the traditional (out of date) Favorites on my web browser for years and it is so exhausting when you have 246 sites marked. I am constantly moving things around to organize the list, deleting to make some stand out more readily--but then adding more to the list because I have found another site that JUST HAS TO BECOME part of my list. Who knows, I may read them all some day.
It is like becoming a hoarder but with websites not physical items. :-)

This is a great tool for teaching and sharing with others. I like the fact you can come up with your own verbage for tags too. A very useful site.

Like that you do not have to have an account; it's a choice.
Went to the site; scrolled down to find an interesting piece "Volcano That Shut Down Europe"; clicked on this a couple times; found 3 tags: volcano, saved, history. History was the best tag; history took me to some awesome pics of the volcano billowing smoke and I watched a video on You Tube available through another site that I accessed directly from the delicious site. Read some comments made by others and was able to reply to their comments too. Neat stuff!
Direct Access to the Volcano:
Created my own account and added 2 urls. Find me at...
My Tag: dachshund;
Tags from others who access my chosen site: dachshund; pet; dog; dallas

Blogs relating to “icelandic volcano” (0 blogs found out of 1186673)
Posts relating to “icelandic volcano” (123)
Great pics, You Tube and basic info.
Popular Tags: Interesting to note that volcano and iceland (ic) were not in the list for the month.

Future of Libraries: Totally different from what we have always known.
If you don't keep up with the constant changes you will be lost in a society taken over by technology and technology users.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Assignment #5 OIG/LThing/Rollyo

This was a fun exercise with many images to choose from; easy to do. I can see where kids and adults could really get in to playing with them--a great tool to spur creativity for the up-coming artist, journalist, and advertiser.

Again, this was fun and easy to do.

Rollyo: Good site. I was afraid of this one; I heard it could be a bear to deal with but I guess I got lucky. No problems. Interesting too.

Out of Print Rolled by Lizmeister
Yep! I'm Blogging.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Assignment #4 RSS Feeds

I had a lot of fun with this assignment--especially in the beginning. Some of the websites I usually read do not have any feeds; that was a surprise. However, I was pleased to find several feeds that I did want to add to my blog.

I became frustrated and disappointed that many URL Feeds which should take me directly to the site seem "broken." The information is given, but not in a format I would consider readable. I am keeping these URL's, so others can see what I am unhappy about. Why does this happen?

I have found some feeds that are perfect too. It was exciting to find School Library Journal feeds. After I finish this project, I do believe I will try to get these feeds on my email at school.

I like the search engine for feeds--very quick and useful.

Here are my feeds that I believe are "broken:"
NOTE: I have discovered now (upon revisiting this site)these feeds are working; they were not when I added them to my blog. ??????????

ALA Recent Press Releases
Washington Office Press
B&N Top 10;
B&N Review List;
B&N Author Audio Interviews
Instructional Technology Update Bloglines/News

Here are my feeds that work perfectly: